J.LO Uses Body Double?

Apparently it is so… J.Lo has been caught using a body double in her new Fiat car commercial. The commercial is the one that shows her driving through the Bronx in a Fiat talking about how this place is always home and continues to inspire her. I personally don’t care and didn’t give it a thought when I saw the commercial. I guess I figured she wasn’t actually in New York City filming the ad. I assumed it probably was some set in Hollywood. Now rewatching it, I think you can tell that the body double’s face is a little rounder. Also at the end when “J.LO” gets out of the car, that girls ass has nothing on the real J.Lo’s.

I guess I can see how people from the Bronx could be mad. I mean, you have a celebrity saying how much she loves where she grows up, but never comes around. That is the only annoying thing that I could think would upset people. I will have to give kudos to the girl who is the body double. How lucky can you be to look exactly like J.Lo? Pretty much?I do wonder how much Fiat had to pay J.Lo to be the celebrity spokesperson considering only her voice is in the commercial.

Source: Yahoo Music

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