Sugarland Being Sued

I don’t understand why anyone who went through the Indiana State Fair stage collapse that Sugarland was supposed to perform on would want to sue Sugarland. From everything I have read the stage wasn’t even Sugarland’s stage, it was the fairgrounds. I know what happened was really one of the worst things to occur over the summer, but Sugarland wasn’t responsible for the storm that moved faster than expected and just sorta hit unexpectedly. Besides the contract may have said that Sugarland could cancel the show due to weather conditions, but even at the time the meteorologists said that the storm was 30 minutes to and hour away. The only reason why these people are going after Sugarland now is because the state of Indiana has capped the amount of damages they will pay for this event at $5 million which I am sure has already been paid out.

Obviously these people were there because they were fans of Sugarland. I can’t imagine suing Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, or Katy Perry if something were to happen at one of their concerts. I am a fan of their’s and unless it could be proven to be their fault, they don’t owe me anything. They don’t control mother nature and can’t control freak accidents. To sum things up I really feel like this is a ridiculous act of greed on the part of these concert goers. I know you can say, “Well, some are hurt badly.”, but Sugarland wasn’t to blame for them being hurt. That is how I see it and you won’t be changing my mind.

Source: MSN Music News

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