Album Review: Play Hard EP By Krewella

Artist: Krewella

Album: Play Hard EP

Length: 23:57

Release Date: June 26, 2012

Rating: 5.0/5

Do you remember that commercial for I think Gatorade where the guy and girl are going back and forth saying, “Anything you can do, I can do better”? In the electronic dance music world, the girls might just be winning in the dubstep region of the dance music world. While you may be thinking, “Uh, what about Skrillex?”, hold on and read this review of this groups first EP.

First of all, who in the hell is Krewella? I had never heard of them myself, but luckily Tuesday, their EP was listed as new on Spotify and I gave it a listen. I instantly fell in love and tried to find out more about them. That process proved harder because they are so new and just now becoming known that they don’t have a Wikipedia page yet(they will) and their Facebook and Twitter pages don’t tell a lot about them. I was able to gather some info and I think most of it is right, but if it isn’t, please don’t yell at me…

Krewella is made up by two sisters, Jahan and Yasime Yousaf and the producer Rain Man. Both sisters are the DJ’s that you hear on the songs and they also provide the beautiful voices that entice you and put a spell on you as you listen. The group is based out of Chicago, Illinois.

The Play Hard EP gets started with the title track, “Play Hard”. This song is very well produced, the vocals are amazing and the lyrics are great. This song sets the stage for the EP where vocals and dubstep seamlessly and all very naturally combine to form electronic music heaven. I could go into detail about every track, but why would I ruin a surprise. Besides, “Play Hard” is enough t want you to crave more of these sister’s bass trembling vibrations. Typically I do a pick for songs that I like the best and that I think are must downloads. Not for this group or EP. I think all 6 tracks on the Play Hard EP are worth a download, a download you most certainly won’t regret.

Why do I think they are better than Skrillex? Why wouldn’t they be? They can sing, and mix their own music. They also aren’t so in your face about the dubstep like Skrillex is in most of his songs. Another great thing is the fact that all 6 tracks sound different from one another. That can’t really be said for Skrillex. I can like both acts, but I can also like one more than the other and I like Krewella a lot more. Now with that said they have worked with Skrillex in the past on a remix of his song “Breathe” where they provide vocals. Their vocals just in general are another reason to love them. Sometimes in dance music, I feel like some of the singers are second-rate and couldn’t get a contract for pop music. Krewella I don’t feel that way. They just have beautiful voices.

The Play Hard EP definitely gets the “JakeLX Seal of Approval” and I highly suggest you go and download it. You can’t go wrong with such a great EP with 6 tracks, that is currently on iTunes for just $4.99. Download it there and take a listen and let me know what you think in the comments.

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