Kristen Wiig: A Goodbye To An SNL Legend

Kristen Wiig

On May 19, 2012, something horrible happened. SNL did a send off skit for one of their greatest cast members ever, Kristen Wiig. I just now decided to write this, it has just been so hard for me to think about her not being on SNL next season. Just kidding, I actually kinda forgot to write anything on here for the last few months. Anyway, it is hard to imagine Kristen Wiig missing from SNL and I am sure the show will find someone of her caliber one day, no time soon obviously. She is gonna be one tough cookie to replace. She has not left Lorne with an easy task of filling the hole she is leaving.

While I am sad to see her leave, I understand that at this point in career SNL would really be holding her back at this point. She has been in a few movies here and there in recent years, but last years Bridesmaids really got her going to the places that I am sure she has always wanted to get to go. I couldn’t be happier for her. Before Bridesmaids I would talk about Kristen Wiig and how funny he Target Lady or Gilly was on SNL and people would be like who is Kristen Wiig. After last May when Bridesmaids was released, she became a household name and I no longer had to explain who she was.

So, goodbye, Kristen… For now. We will meet again when I watch any of your sure to be astounding future films. I wouldn’t mind if I ever got to meet you in person either, or how about a part in a movie your writing? Just remember me, JakeLX.

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