Madonna Uses Guns

Madonna continued Saturday with not going along with what countries and government officials in certain countries have asked her not to do on her MDNA Tour. I understand that her performances are art and should be treated as such, but sometimes when a swastika or guns are involved, you just don’t do it. In case you didn’t know this, across the pond, gun violence isn’t taken lightly like it is here in North America. Movies and games are often edited due to gun violence so that they are able to be shown or sold with the same rating equivalent giving over here. I mean, even The Hunger Games had to edit out certain “violent” scenes to lower the rating in the UK. Living in North America, specifically the United States, I guess I’m so use to it, that I didn’t see anything wrong in The Hunger Games.

Anyway, back to the main point. Saturday, Madonna had a show in Edinburgh, Scotland where police officials asked her to not perform with fake guns like she had done at every show since the MDNA Tour started. They asked her to not use the guns because of the sensitivity of guns after the shooting at The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado this past Friday at a midnight showing. Do you think Madonna listened? Of course she didn’t.

Grandma Madonna needs publicity and went along with the show like she normally would. During that part of the show, Madonna marched out with pistol and an AK47 . Though they were fake, she could have complied with the police. The only reason why Madonna did this and some of the other stunts that she has pulled while on this tour this year is to get media attention. Clearly she has gotten it, I mean, here I am writing about her. She has gotten old, grumpy, hateful, and apparently no one pays her attention.

While Madonna is Madonna, she isn’t the Madonna that was edgy and got attention for being edgy when she was at her height of popularity. She has become a person who has to create headlines for herself, but not because she is creative and such, but because she is defying authority. Way to go, Madonna. Love her music, but really being turned off by who she is seemingly becoming these days.

Source: MSN Entertainment

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