Should Warner Brothers Give Money To Victims?

The idea that Warner Brother’s should donate money from this weekends opening earnings, to the victims and victims families that were involved in the shooting at a Dark Knight Rises midnight showing at Century 16 in Aurora, Colorado is growing. I guess I don’t quite understand why this is growing? Warner Brother’s didn’t pay this guy and weren’t involved. It isn’t like this was a media stunt gone awry. Why should Warner Brother’s be expected to give money to these families? Why is it that some people are saying they should at least pay medical cost involved?

This incident was a very sad and tragic thing to happen to our country. It wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last of such events. It made us think about our safety at one of America’s and becoming the world’s favourite things to do in our spare time. It made that safety blanket of fun and excitement go away. The victims in that auditorium in that theatre that survived are more than likely just happy to be alive. I know that I would be happy. I wouldn’t be expecting any money to come my way from this. The people and families that lost people in that auditorium are, I’m sure, quite sad. But no amount of money is going to replace the lost, or make that pain go away. Again, I would be sad if I lost someone in this, but I wouldn’t expect some kind of payout from it either.

Now with all of that said, I would like to say that I would be surprised if Warner Brother’s doesn’t do something for the victims. It however, shouldn’t be expected and they shouldn’t be harassed if they end up not doing anything. I’d also like to say to the people complaining about not being able to dress up to go to your showing of Dark Knight Rises, please remember it is a small sacrifice that you’re making compared to those that were in that auditorium at Century 16.

6 thoughts on “Should Warner Brothers Give Money To Victims?

  1. It’s not their responsibility.

    • Exactly! I was shocked to see people acting like it is their responsibility.

      • That always seems to happen, though. Giving money would be like them admitting it was their fault, when they didn’t actually have anything to do with it.

        • That is a very good point that people don’t understand. However, it seems that since people don’t understand this, we sometimes in the past have seen comapanies give money for stuff that wasn’t their faults. Again, I don’t think in this situation people shouldn’t expect them to give.

  2. The only person who should be pushed to financially help these victims is the shooter himself. If WB DONATES some money, that is great and it’d be nice to see others follow suit, but only if it’s free will and not pressured by media and whatnot. Like you said, no amount of money is going to change what happened.

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