Good For Cinemark

When it comes it comes to places that have been affected by mass shootings, I have a very strong opinion in not knocking down the building that the shooting occurred in. I understand that for any family or friends affected by anyone that died, it may be very hard to ever return to these buildings. It is a very sad thing. Unforgivably,  life must go on for those that are still in this world and the lost lives fade into memories, great and beautiful memories. There was talk as to what Cinemark 16 in Aurora, Colorado should have done with the theatre building and now there is similar talk about Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.

Cinemark decided to keep the theatre and renovate the building. I commend this action for many reasons. One reason is this lets those that cause the deaths, pain, and suffering to see that they can’t simply defeat everyone  involved. Another reason is, there isn’t always the financial backing to rebuilding something, just in a different part of town. Destroying a perfectly good building isn’t going to cause the pain and suffering that the families and community are feeling go away. Those feelings will be there, most likely for the rest of those people’s lives.

Many people think that movie theatres make a ton of money based on the $10 admission(varies in your area) to see a non-3D feature these days. I can tell you though, theatres run on very little money at all. Most money that movie theatres make comes from concessions. The ticket goes to the cost of leasing the films that the theatre are showing. The first few weeks to months if a film is doing really well, the theatre only gets about 5%-10% of that ticket price. The longer the film is out and the less popular it gets, the more money that movie theatre makes.

Many people were wanting Cinemark to close the theatre the shooting occurred in and open a new one elsewhere in Aurora. I can tell you that if they closed that location, Aurora probably would have lost a theatre. I doubt there is much financial needs to build a whole new movie theatre elsewhere. Instead, Cinemark spent one million dollars to renovate the current theatre. Then they invited the families to be the first to see it for a ceremony that was to remember the victims. Some surviving victims and victims families of the lost supported the idea. Some from the same groups did not like the idea of this event. They even saw it as “callous” and just Cinemark trying to show off a good public image.

I do think Cinemark should build some sort of memorial for the victims. That I feel will come later when the community comes together to donate the money to build such a memorial. I assume Cinemark may chip in some money and they might even take it upon themselves to build one. Some people wanted theatre 9 to be shut down and turned into a memorial. While that is a nice thought, you really don’t want something like that haunting the movie goers every time they go to see a movie.

The way I see it, Cinemark was in a lose-lose position. They had many options that they could have went through with and whichever plan was chosen would have been wrong to one group or another. There are some people who even blame Cinemark for this happening. I find that ridiculous. I feel like they did the right thing. It is better to heal instead of destroy something that has been hurt. As humans, with our bodies we try everything before we amputate a limb. That is what Cinemark is doing, they are trying to heal regularly instead of closing down for good. Again, I applaud them on their decision. It isn’t a “Hollywood” stunt, it is the most sensitive way for them to continue operating in the city of Aurora.

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