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I am very afraid that After Lately, the mockumentry of “behind-the-scenes” of Chelsea Lately,may be cancelled after tonight’s “season” finale. I am a huge Chelsea Handler and Chelsea Lately fan, so I am of course a fan of After Lately as well. I love how the shows round-table regulars and Chelsea are able to make fun of each others quirks in a light-hearted, but funny manner.

The show performed well when it premiered on March 6, 2011. I couldn’t find rating info for the first season beyond the series premiere which was watched by 1.2 million viewers. That is good for cable and definitely for E!. Season one ended after eight episodes on April 24, 2011. The second season premiered November 27, 2011 and ran thru January 29, 2012 with another eight episodes. Season two averaged 1.18 million viewers with all but two episodes getting more than a million viewers per episode.

The current season of After Lately hasn’t even attempted to come close to the ratings of the first two seasons of the series. This season premiered February 25, 2013 and concludes tonight(April 15, 2013). Once again the series has featured eight episodes and with seven of those out this season has averaged 0.30 million viewers. The show has failed to even get a half million viewers. I feel like the only thing that will save this show is that it is very cheap to make. Most of the people on the show are there anyways and it is done on the set and offices of Chelsea Lately. 

Why has the show performed so badly in its third season? I think there could be a bunch of reasons for this question. I think one of the biggest problems is it is more than likely a show that many people DVR and watch later. Unfortunately, DVR watches still don’t get counted in the official TV ratings used for advertisers. It doesn’t help that the show isn’t a strong scripted show or an hour-long show, which means fewer people are going to watch it live.

I also don’t think the show benefited from only having eight episode seasons and then not coming on for over an entire year. People may have lost interest even as Chelsea Lately grows in popularity. I really hate to see the show go, but with such low ratings, I expect to say goodbye to After Lately.

Are you currently or have you in the past watched After Lately? Let me know your thoughts on the show and its probable cancellation in the comment section.

7 thoughts on “After Lately To Be Cancelled

  1. Let’s just make it clear that AFTER LATELY has NOT been cancelled yet, right? No announcement that I can find has been made. It could certainly use as much support as possible from fans, but it has no been renewed or cancelled as of now.

    On top of your points, and I hope E! will recognize this, the show used to air on Sundays @ 11pm after the Kardashians. This season it airs Mondays @ 10:30pm after Burning Love. Kardashians has a huge ratings, and Burning Love had no ratings and is an unknown show. And on Monday at that time slot, the show is competing with popular programming on other networks which was not the case on Sunday nights. On top of that, the show hasn’t been advertised at all. I haven’t seen ads for it anywhere but on E! and still not that often (i’ve seen a million ads for What Would Ryan Lochte Do). What do they expect is going to happen after over a year of being off the air? The ratings for season 1 and season 2 seem to be excellent, especially for E!… the show is still hilarious and Chelsea is still a star, and they still have guest stars (though not quite as good as some other seasons but still good… Reese again, Kate Beckinsale, Charlize, the Kardashians, etc)… I have no idea why people aren’t watching except that they don’t even know the show is on or what the show is even, and the it disappears after only 8 episodes. It’s so annoying.

    (and just a correction, the show, as far as I have read, it is a scripted comedy, despite what a lot of audiences assume)

    • Correct! It has not been cancelled as of this time. It performed very poorly even for a cable channel show this season. It would shock me to see it renewed. Unless of course it is relatively cheap to make seeing as it uses “Chelsea Lately” staff and is filmed in their offices. I’m hoping it doesn’t get cancelled cause I love it and the season finale was so hilarious.

  2. To have some form of probity I like After Lately more than Chelsea Lately. The cast is downright ingenious, comical flavor is tasteful and not overly sarcastic. It needs to show on E! after Chelsea Lately to increase ratings, but hope it not the end. Can’t get enough of Chelsea. Moving into Queen of comedy status ala Joan Rivers. I didn’t know it was on the air until I seen reruns on Bravo tv late into the morning. So E! can market this show much better by setting up a TV block with Jenny Mccarthy new show on Fridays. The Kardashinn show can drain viewers on a Sunday and After Lately showing a 11pm maybe to late when view work the next day

    • I agree with a lot of what you had to say. I don’t feel like they scheduled it into the right slot. The first two seasons did air on Sundays and did a lot better. Hopefully we will see it return in a better time slot and with more exposure.

    • Nothing has been officially announced and if they don’t renew it, I doubt there will be an official announcement. Like I said the show is cheap enough to make that despite the lower viewership last season, they may renew it anyway. They had announced this past season in August of 2012. There still hasn’t been an announcement for season 4 and its November.

  3. agree…they didn’t advertise the show well enough…they should just air it on sunday nighst like it used to be…i liked after lately even more than chelsea lately…there has been no announcement of it’s cancellation so i’ll cross my fingers and hope its renewed for season 4….y does kadashiens have big ratings tho??

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