Back From LA

I’ve been back from LA for over a week now and decided it was time to blog again. Just in case you are wondering, I loved LA. I really had no idea ho beautiful Southern California was and that there were all those mountains. The mountains and beauty really put to shame the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee that I have been to a number of times. I can wait for any future trips to there that I might make. Most people who know me personally know that I would like to become a famous actor, comedian, writer, ect., but I would even love to live in the LA area in the future if I weren’t famous.

I also thought it would be very easy to spot a celebrity, but it clearly was not. I think there are so many people driving or walking that you wouldn’t recognize a celebrity that wasn’t being followed by the paparazzi. They probably would just blend in… Perhaps I did see a celebrity without really knowing it. It didn’t help that a lot of the shows have wrapped for the season and The Ellen DeGeneres and Chelsea Lately were both on hiatus while I was out there.

Now that I am back, I am back to making my Vlogosphere Monday thru Friday and now blogging again starting today. Until you see my next blog post, enjoy a photo from a hike my family and I took with some family that lives in San Dimas.

cali hike

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