Has Sue Sylvester Left Glee For Good

After last week’s emotional episode it seems like we could possibly be done with Jane Lynch’s character, Sue Sylvester. While no one died during McKinley High’s school “shooting”, the end of Sue Sylvester is just as bad as another character dying. No Sue really isn’t a big surprise if you’ve been watching this season of Glee.

Sue Sylvester got fired from McKinley High on last weeks’ episode of Glee protecting Becky, the down syndrome character that Sue Sylvester always had a soft spot and connection with. Becky brought the gun because she thought she has to protect herself from the world when she graduates. Instead of letting Becky get expelled, Sue says she has a gun in her school, office due to the way things have been going in the country lately. The last we see of Sue is at the end of the episode where she is packing up her things and leaving the school.

I kinda figured we would be saying goodbye to Jane Lynch and her character Sue Sylvester a few episodes into this current season. Sue’s presence at McKinley High has slowly waned from the beginning of the episode and has went some episodes without even being seen or mentioned. Sue has been known from the beginning as the Glee Club’s enemy number one. She quickly grew a fan base with her cruel jokes, heartless thinking, and aggressive off the wall behaviour. Throughout the course of the show we have also seen that Sue is much like an ogre and has layers.She can be very sweet and have sweet moments when it comes to Becky or her sister who died in an episode.

It would seem to me with Glee‘s ratings way down that FOX has asked for the show to cut some of its budget, which is what I guessed when Jane Lynch became more of a guest appearance than a season regular. They can’t cut the music out which is most likely a huge chunk of the shows budget. If you can cut out some regulars then you save per episode and you have more money to pay guest actors and actresses such as Katey Sagal and Kate Hudson who may boost ratings more than a regular would have. Maybe I am wrong and Jane Lynch wanted out to pursue other interest?

I can’t imagine we won’t see Sue Sylvester ever again. I would be crushed if she isn’t on from time to time, I guess kinda like she has been this season. She definitely better make an appearance on the series finale(next season, May 2014?), when ever that may be.

How did you like last weeks episode of Glee “Shooting Star”? Let me know your thoughts on Jane Lynch’s probable departure and last weeks episode in the comments. Check out my review of the episode down below on my You Tube channel.

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