The End Without Hermione?

I just read an article that said Daniel Radcliffe was asked to be the Harry Potter star in the new comedy This Is The End. Apparently he declined because the concept was crap back in the early stages when they asked him to be in the film. I actually think it worked out better that Emma Watson who played Hermione in Harry Potter, has gotten bigger and made that story funnier. I liked that she is obviously a girl, who was able to outwit a bunch of guys and give in to her demands. That was way funnier than what I think they could have done with Daniel Radcliffe. The only problem with Emma Watson’s part, I don’t recall what happens to her character? This is something that will always bother me I think. I need closure.

Have you seen This Is The End? Let me know what you thought about it and which Harry Potter star you think should have done the part, in the comment section


One thought on “The End Without Hermione?

  1. I have not, I have to check it out!

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