Add Another On “The To Do List”

Imagine my surprise when I go to see what time the new raunchy comedy The To Do List, lead by NBC’s Parks & Rec‘s Aubrey Plaza, was not being shown at any of my local theatres.  The film only opened on 591 screens here in North America after a full layout of marketing that we have been seeing all over for weeks. You don’t “wide release” a film and only open in a handful of the theatres in North America. I assume that they will roll out the film in more theatres in the coming weeks, but by that time won’t the buzz have already died? Possibly…

The film had a budget of $1.5 million dollars and it has made that back from this weekend. Playing on 591 screens it made $1.535 million dollars. I honestly have no idea on how to judge that number and determine how well that is doing on that few screens. Most films open on 1000+ screens in North America.

What are your thoughts on the no-so-wide release of The To Do List? Do you agree that CBS Films who distributed the film should add releasing it to more theatres on their to do list? Let me know in the comment section.


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