Avatar Too Big?

Apparently James Cameron is planning on filming three sequels to the 2009 Avatar back-to-back. They also are planning on releasing the movies close together. The three films are set to be released December 2016, December 2017, and December 2018. Apparently this is the reason why we haven’t seen a sequel to the first film yet. They have to have the three scripts completed before they cans tart filming the first sequel.

When Avatar was first released, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I went to the movie theatre to see it, I didn’t expect that the film could possibly live up to the hype and buzz. I was happily proven wrong. When I saw the film, I didn’t know the run time of Avatar and couldn’t believe that three hours of my life had passed by. When I did realize how long I had been sitting there, I was okay with it. James Cameron totally immerses you into this world that was created from scratch. It’s literally a huge film that you would expect during the summer months, not December.

James Cameron has created this world where we have only seen a fraction of what it is and what it has to offer. I’m sure there is enough of Pandora for us to see, but will there be a story for us as well. The first films story wasn’t that new, but it didn’t matter because Pandora was extraordinary enough for us to forget the story wasn’t Pocahontas set in the future. Can James Cameron pull out three more films with a mediocre story, but continue to thrill and surprise us with more secrets of Pandora that makes us not care about the story three more times?

The first film cost 237 million dollars to make, but the return has been huge. It made $2,782,275,172 dollars worldwide, and that is simply amazing. While I think one sequel would do fine and would be able to make at least a billion dollars, I’m not sure two more sequels after that being released three years in a row can make that each. I think they will still make an impressive amount, similar to superhero movies during the summer months. a billion seems out of reach though. The world of Pandora won’t be entirely unique anymore to anyone that has seen the first film. You also run into the fact that the sequels are being released seven years after the original.

It will be interesting to see how these three sequel perform against the original film. It will also be interesting to see how much the budget for these three movies will be. Like I already see, I figure we will see similar earnings as a summer superhero blockbuster around 500 million dollars. That is still a ton of money and will definitely make these films a success. James Cameron better just hope he doesn’t tire people out on this huge franchise.


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