Baby North West Picture Revealed

Kris Jenner has finally revealed her granddaughter from her daughter Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Kanye West of her new talk show Kris today. During the premiere earlier this summer Kris fooled people in to thinking she was going to show North. I think there was some backlash, so I think it’s awesome she debuted her pic on her shows finale. Kris is very smart to do this because a strong season finale viewing will likely mean her talk show will be picked up for syndication next year. It’s only been testing in bigger markets this summer. Her last guest is North West’s father, Kanye.

Kim and Kanye has said from the beginning that they didn’t want to sell the first pics of North. I think they should have earned a lot of respect in that regard since they clearly know they have more than enough money. I think it was also nice for them to allow Kim’s mother to show the pic for a ratings boost. I know I’d try to help my mother get a talk show.

Baby Nori looks adorable in the pic that @KrisJennerShow tweeted out. I can defiantly see aspects of both Kanye and Kim in the sweet baby girls face. Chubby baby cheeks must be a Kardashian trait since both of Kourtney, Kim’s sister, had those cheeks when they were first born as well. You can take a look at baby North below.


What do you think about North West? How do you feel about the shockingly “free” way they released her first picture? Let me know in the comment section.

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