It’s New Music From Britney, Bitch!

At least that is what many of us is open the countdown on her website that has appeared means. The countdown is counting down to September 17 which is a Tuesday, which is when new singles or albums are released. Britney has remained quiet on her new album, except to say a few weeks ago on Twitter that new music was closer than many of us assumed. The countdown has the words “All Eyes On Me” which could easily be the name of her new single on her expected eighth album. The website has a black curtain looking design behind all of this for the background.

Britney is expected to be announcing a new residence in Las Vegas and it makes me wonder if all of this is for that announcement. “All Eyes On Me” could easily be the name of her Las Vegas show. I’d rather it be a single, but I feel like her having a Vegas show would make it harder for her to do all the press and interviews that go along with releasing a new album. Not to mention touring for a new album. Until we know for sure, I’m going to hope that my original fave pop star is releasing brand-new music.

What do you think Britney has planned? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.


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