Mama Forgive Me- Porcelain Black Review

Before I get into reviewing the song, I think I better give you some background on who Porcelain Black is from what I understand. Porcelain Black is a very talented singer who for one reason or another as a label that won’t release her album. Her first single was “This Is What Rock n’ Roll Looks Like” and charted in the US Hot Dance Club Songs chart from Billboard. The single was originally released in March of 2011, though I heard it in August of 2011 for the first time. My first listen, I fell in love with Porcelain Black’s sound and voice. The second single “Naughty Naughty” was released in October of 2011. It too was a pretty big success on the same US Hot Club Songs and even peaked at #6.

All of this was happening as we were being told that Porcelain’s debut solo album, Mannequin Factory, was set to be released during summer 2012. That summer date got switched to fall 2012, and then nothing. From what I can gather, the label said the singles hadn’t garnered enough attention or buzz to make the album a success. I say that is the labels problem for not properly pushing Porcelain Black and what she had to bring to the table. Porcelain’s raspy voice is something that we don’t see very often in the music of today. We also don’t have her sound which tends to be this electro-industrial-pop-rock sound. I never once heard any of those singles on any music format. I find it hard to believe that she couldn’t find a fan base since there seems to be a lot of support for her around the world. Someone who doesn’t have fan support couldn’t get a group of people to get stuff about her trending.

At this point the album has been made, so what costs is the label losing at this point. If its cheaper, make Mannequin Factory a download only album. The album has been long over due and maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It was said that the third single would be released in August followed by the album after that this fall. The third single is this song, “Mama Forgive Me”.

This single is a single that maybe could possibly get Porcelain Black played on the radio. The song has more of the sound that is on the radio now, and is probably her most “pop” single to date. I definitely think she is going to have another dance hit on her hands, but I crave more attention then that for her. I know she craves that attention as well. At then end of the day, this track and the entire album was produced by RedOne. That cannot be a horrible album at all. Take a listen to “Mama Forgive Me” below, and let me know what you think about the single.

How did you like “Mama Forgive Me”? How do you like Porcelain Black? Let me know in the comment section.

One thought on “Mama Forgive Me- Porcelain Black Review

  1. How do I like Porcelain Black?? I fuckin love her! Have since 2011! Redone is a bunch of dicks for not putting out her music already. And now she looks odd.. She doesn’t look like herself smh

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