Movie 43

When the trailer for Movie 43 was first released, I was excited to see the film. I began to here after its release how awful it was, and decided that maybe I would wait and Red Box it when it was released to home video. It has been released for a while now, but because of all the bad things I had heard about it, I hadn’t watched it until a few nights ago. I actually think it was a film that wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone said Movie 43 was,

Movie 43 is a film that is a sequence of sketches that does have a weak main story line that connects all of the sketches. If there is anything that the movie doesn’t do very well, is connect the stories together. It’s connected together with a guy trying to pith this as a film that is supposed to be the raunchiest and obscene film ever. I felt like the sketches themselves was like an episode of SNL, where some people are going to like some of it, or none of it. I thought some of the sketches were funny, and I thought some were weak. The one with Anna Farris and Chris Pratt where she is into guys shitting on her made me feel sick. I honestly couldn’t handle that one at all. It is clear that the film suffered from being filmed over the course of four years.

The movie isn’t some amazing feature, and I myself wouldn’t suggest it to someone if they asked for a good movie to watch. I also won’t pan the film like so many critics and viewers did after they saw it. If you’re bored and have nothing else to do, watch it if you had wanted to when you first saw the trailer. I feel like Movie 43 suffered everyone jumping on the bandwagon to trash it. It became cool to trash and tear this film apart.

Have you seen Movie 43? Let me know how you liked it and what your thoughts on all the hate it received in the comment section.

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