Royals- Lorde Review

Lorde is a girl that you will most likely be hearing more about in the near future. Who is she? She is a very talented sixteen-year-old singer from New Zealand. She was signed by Universal Music at the age of 12 in New Zealand. She has since been developing as an artist and her music comes from a very real place and point-of-view. She is the very opposite of what many top-40 singers sing about. She even said she thinks that todays music isn’t relatable to people. The average people of the world don’t usually get to partake in the fame and excess that many artists such as Kanye West and Jay-Z sing and rap about.

Last night by Twitter was buzzing with the music video from Lorde’s “Royals” song. Lorde doesn’t really hold back on her beliefs of todays top-40 songs as she sings about how we’re never gonna be living that life or be royal like. What is so funny about this, is this song and her future release are probably going to push her into being able to have that life that she sings against. Hopefully Lorde is able to stay grounded and keep it real as her career and fame grows.

You can take a listen to “Royals” below. I like the original music video better, but I decided to post the US version because its on Vevo. Vevo is now influencing Billboard, so the more views she gets on this video will influence her airplay here in North America. The song right now is at #49 on the Billboard Hot 100, #2 on the Billboard US Alternative chart, and #5 on the Billboard Rock Chart.

Tell me in the comment section what you think about “Royals” and Lorde.


One thought on “Royals- Lorde Review

  1. Love this song. Lorde has a sound and quality about her/them that is amazing!!

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