Survival- Eminem feat. Liz Rodrigues

I am by no means a hardcore fan, probably not even a mediocre fan of Eminem’s. I will say I enjoyed his pre-2009 stuff occasionally. Relapse  and Recovery were sad albums, I thought. I can say that I actually really am enjoying the song that he released yesterday, Survival. The single was released as a part of the music that is in the new video game Call of Duty: Ghosts. It has also been said that the song will be released on Eminem’s album due out later this year. This song isn’t the lead single from the un-named new album, but I think it might as well should be.

Survival features Eminem rapping that shows that he is fighting to come back and claim the throne that he once was on top of in the music industry. The song talks about how he as been close to quitting or losing his career and how people have said he is done and over, but he keeps coming back regardless. I think if this is the sound that we can expect on his new album, then he may be seeing an upswing in his rather stagnant career. The female vocals from Liz Rodrigues singing the chorus really tie this awesome song up together nicely.

I honestly thought I would listen to the sing and hate it, but I was pleasantly surprised. Go ahead and listen to yourself, because this is good stuff here. Not lying.

What do you think of Survival and the possibility of a new Eminem album? Let me know in the comment section!


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