The 2013 VMA’s Were Boring

This 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn for me seemed kinda boring. The best part was Kevin Hart hosting, but not hosting, but still given segments to crack some hilarious jokes. The performances were overall boring(yes, even I thought Miley’s performance was boring.) and nothing too spectacular. The best two performances were the bookends of the show, the opener Lady Gaga performing “Applause” and the closer Katy Perry performing “Roar”. I guess if you need two great performances, you would want those to be the two spots with them. Katy Perry’s stage was pretty spectacular with two huge gold lions setting next to a golden wrestling stage. This was all set up next to the Brooklyn Bridge which was pretty cool. Katy’s set wouldn’t have fit in the Barclays Center’s tiny stage. That tiny stage is why I think some of the performances were so boring. Most of the arena was used for seating.

It was nice to see Lady Gaga on the stage after such a long time. The first time I watched her open I had goosebumps, because she was truly missed by me on these award shows. It was nice to see her do a dramatic opening that we know her for. I love how she always kinda does something different like that with each song she performs. It is a nice change from the original edit that you get on the album and hear on the radio.

I don’t even wanna get into the whole Miley Cyrus thing at this point. I may write a whole post dedicated to her performance later this week or weekend. Point-blank, I didn’t think it was as horrible or raunchy as everyone is acting. I think we have a lot of overreactions over this performance, and despite what people say, it is because they still see her as little baby Miley.  Moving on…

The biggest performance, and I swear they added stage was Justin Timberlake. Justin’s performance lasted for about 20 minutes(I heard, I didn’t time it myself), and it included a short 45 second ‘N Sync “reunion”. The reunion was probably worse than when Beyonce brought out the rest of Destiny’s Child at the Super Bowl. While you couldn’t hear the Destiny’s other two girls, at least they were seen for a little longer. I like Justin Timberlake, but this performance just reinforced what I felt like was already true, his older solo work is way better than his current solo work. While his new stuff is okay, it’s not the songs that make you wanna dance even a little, or that you’re gonna know the words to in a few years.

This year was also the first year that I noticed that really this isn’t a music video award show. I know it has been like this for a while now, but seriously, One Direction didn’t get best video for their video. There were a lot of better music videos that deserved to be recognized if this was a true award show for that.  The best music video that I have seen this year is from Capital Cities for their song “Safe and Sound”. It did win an award for best special effects in a music video. This is fine, because I’m sure it wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining if they played music videos that were by people not popular. Though “Safe and Sound” has been on the radio the whole summer, so I would hope people would know who they are. Maybe I am expecting too much from people who voted One Direction as best song of the summer.

I really felt let down that at the VMA’s this year. I almost feel excited that everyone blew up over the Miley thing because she got some attention, and it made a mark on an otherwise boring show this year. Most of the performances were safe and not that impressive. I was glad that Macklemore got to perform  “Same Love” and that it won so many awards. Even on a gay friendly network like MTV, I’m not so sure even last year a performance like that would have been on the roster. Although, I’m not entirely convinced that even a year ago a song like “Same Love” would have even done well on the radio or charts. I also feel like a host, a real host, not Kevin Hart this time, really benefits a three-hour behemoth of a show like this.

What were your thoughts on this years MTV Video Music Awards? What were your favourite and least favourite performances? Let me know in the comment section.


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