Bitstrips Apocalypse

Who needs a zombie apocalypse when we are on the brink of a Bitstrips apocalypse. About a week ago the first of the infected started posting their Bitstrips on Facebook. By the weekend I seemed to have lost 25% of my friends list to this epidemic. I have a great fear that by this time next week, we will be in the middle of a full-blown pandemic and Bitstrips attack. This is when we need our loved ones the most… Assuming they haven’t already been taken by Bitstrips.

In all seriousness I fucking hate Bitstrips. I had ONE friend post one sometime last week and I laughed and said “How funny and cool!”. I changed my attitude though when the next day and the preceding days more and more people started to post Bitstrips. It is concerning that my news feed on Facebook could just be fugly ass comic strips that are suppose to look like my friends. None of these people in the comics look like you people. Quit dreaming! I don’t even see the point of them, post a status or text your friends if you’re having a memory of “that one time”.

Where and how did this app come from? It was released in December of last year. It just started to gain momentum after they released the app to iOS in September and updated their Android app to make it better. The app really is infectious because you can sign-in with your Facebook account and it automatically posts to your Facebook news feed. The app apparently now has over 11 million users and it the top downloaded app in both the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Market.

I now yearn for the days when I was asked by someone to play Farmville so that I could give them three pigs, 2 cows, and 1 chicken.  I don’t even think that game was as annoying as Bitstrips. At least if you didn’t want to play Farmville, you didn’t get pictures posted of your friends farms. You got requests that were easily deleted. Same can be said with the Candy Crush that seems to have hit its peak this past summer. Bitstrips says that their app is the future of social media. If this is the future, what a step back and this is where I go to Twitter only and call it my happy place. I’m not the only one that hates the app. Many people have been interviewed and have said they’ve deleted and blocked their friends. There is a link at the bottom on how to block yourself from ever seeing Bitstrips again. You don’t have to delete your annoying friends, they’re still humans somewhere in there.

In reality, this better not be the exception, I think we will see this as a fad and hopefully a fad that fades soon. The holiday season is approaching and I’m hoping people won’t have time to make a comic of themselves. The whole idea of the app just pisses me off as I type this. It truly is stupid.

How to block Bitstrips! Click Here


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