Walking On Air- Katy Perry

While “Roar” was a great song, but sounded too much like her Teenage Dream music. “Dark Horse” failed to impress me much, I mean, “white pop girl with black rapper man”, seen it and not that impressed. When I first heard “Walking On Air” I had no clue it was Katy Perry. While I think any Katy Perry album will do well and be a great album, I was beginning to get worried that maybe Prism wasn’t going to deliver the promised sound departure from Teenage Dream.

Then I heard “Walking On Air”…. I thought my iTunes Radio station was playing an old dance song from the 90’s. This song while borrowing from the 90’s, sounds totally different from anything on the radio right now. While she went the popular dance route with this track, she made it different by going with this 90’s euro-dance style. The song reminds me of the dance songs that I first heard as a youngster on 107.5 The River when they would do a Saturday night weekend dance thing in the late-90’s. I lived close to Nashville, but far enough that I always had to sit outside with my boombox to pick up the reception. Thank you, Katy for bringing that memory back to me. Out of the three songs released, “Walking On Air” is so far my favourite. Take a listen to this awesome track below.

What do you think of “Walking On Air”? Let me know in the comment section.


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