Zombies Eat Away Ratings Competition

AMC’s flagship show The Walking Dead got off to an amazing start last night when season four premiered with 16.1 million viewers. That beat its old record for the season three finale of 12.1 million viewers. The makes it the most watched television show of the season and even beat out the MLB and NFL games that were on TV. That within itself is an accomplishment and I applaud it. It’s not a surprise with so many viewers coming on to the show each season that many people got caught up over the summer to be able to watch the fourth season as it rolls out.

Now was the season premiere episode that great? I would be inclined to say no, not at all. I myself wanted to see more of what they’ve done with the prison to make it more hospitable for a village worth of people to easily live in the prisons confines. The episode has some action which was better than most episodes from last season. I do think it feels like we are almost entering a different chapter in the series which is why this episode did feel more like a pilot(as if the show was starting now, months after the initial outbreak). We got a glimpse at some problems that the prison may face with the fence protecting them, disease, and outsiders wanting inside the prison. Then we have the governor lurking around somewhere, but must no be too close since Michonne can’t seem to find him.

While I don’t think the episode was as good as it could have been, I won’t judge the series that hard. We are starting fresh with something new in a sense, and it needs to be set-up. Also with so many new viewers it is a good thing to start slower. Again, at least this episode was better than most from season three. Now, lets really ramp this show up and give us the action we want and deserve as long time viewers and fans of the series.


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