How Could I Want More- Jamie Lynn Spears

Britney Spears isn’t the only one in the Spears family releasing new music here at the end of the year. Her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears is relaunching her country music career after taking a hiatus in 2011. You may remember her as Zooey from Nickelodeon’s hit TV show in the early 2000’s called Zooey 101. After the show Jamie Lynn wanted to start a country music career and moved to Nashville after she had her first child.

“How Could I Want More” is Jamie Lynn’s first single ever since none of her previous work was sent out. The single reminds me of an early Taylor Swift song and it sounds really good. Jamie Lynn’s voice is, dare I even say it, better than Britney Spears’ voice. The song really shows off how well she can sing. I love Britney, but you can’t use auto-tune in a country song(at least not yet). The song is catchy enough and I think could be a big hit on country radio. Will it make a big crossover hit as well considering who her sister is? You can hear more Jamie Lynn by listening to the track on Britney’s new album Britney Jean out December 2. She is featured on one of the albums tracks. Listen to “How Could I Want More” below.

What did you think of Jamie Lynn’s “How Could I Want More”? Let me know in the comments.


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