Human- Christina Perri

Remember Christina Perri? The girl who can literally sing the phone book, well if they still made the phone book. She is the girl who sang the beautiful song “Jar of Hearts”. Her second single from her debut album lovestrong. was equally as beautiful in the form of “Arms”. You may even remember a gorgeously haunting song in “A Thousand Years” that was played during the credits of Breaking Dawn: Part I in 2011. Since 2011 we have patiently awaited new music from Miss Perri. Her Christmas album released last year wasn’t enough to hold us over, in fact it just made many of us fans craving for more of her non-holiday fare.

It is now 2013 and Christina Perri is ready for the world to hear her voice once again. “Human” was just released on November 18 and it does the same stuff to my ears and spirit that “Jar of Hearts” did. The song is quite simply about her being human. The song is about how she can fake happiness and run through life as a robot, but there is a break point. I am so ecstatic that this song was released and can’t wait for her second album, Head or Heart, which is due out spring 2014. Take a listen to this beautiful ballad down below.

What did you think about “Human”? Was it worth the wait? Let me know in the comment section.



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