Church Bells- Carrie Underwood

I believe Carrie Underwood is best when she is singing her songs about strong women who will not be broken by men who think they can treat them like shit. In true Carrie fashion they persevere and come in on top like the bosses they are.  I think possibly it is because there is a lot of passion behind it for which Carrie can tap into while singing.

Church Bells is definitely one of those songs. My first thought was this song is similar to Reba’s Fancy in its rags to riches, but not actually a happier person at first story line. It’s not exactly the same story, but I enjoyed it anyway.

I hadn’t heard of this song until last week. I hadn’t listened to much of Carrie’s new album “Storyteller”, but what I had heard I was sad thinking there wasn’t this signature Carrie song on the album. Once I found out that this song did exist I’ve been listening to it over and over. A Carrie album wouldn’t be a Carrie album without one of these songs.

I love the song and with the story the music video could have been amazing. However, Carrie is on tour, so we got a tour video. This is my least favourite type of video that music artists put out. But hey, we do get some “leg time”.

What are your thoughts on Chruch Bells? Let me know in the comment section.

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