Want You- Bearson feat. Cal

bearsonA couple of days ago I was driving from work listening to SiriusXM’s BPM station. A song that sounded so sweet, too rich, came on. It was this song and I fell in love with it instantly. Just one listen and I knew that this was already one of my top EDM songs of 2016.

The song has this synthy chill about it, but it is also kind of upbeat at the same time. It’s the song that is good for after hours or for the middle of the dance club. Go ahead and listen to it below, you’ll want to sink your teeth into this juicy song again and again.

The music video is one that I feel can be taken a few ways. I feel like the song is either about a girl he likes, and he is fantasizing that she wants him badly. It also could just be a stalker girl at the laundry mat falling in love with him at first sight. I feel like the ending makes it seem like maybe the girl was his, but she is no longer his due to a break-up or death.

What are your thoughts on this awesome song? What is your theory on the music video? Let me know in the comment section.

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