Calvin Harris’ “My Way” Music Video All About Taylor Swift

Calvin Harris has finally released the music video for his newest single “My Way”. It starts with Calvin wearing a VR headset and then it switches to a country setting. As soon as it went to the country setting, my first thought was that this is going to be all about Taylor Swift. I think we all already knew that the song was about Taylor, but the confirmation with this music video is all too good.

The music video basically shows that he felt their relationship was just virtual reality that cam crashing down. The girl in the music video turns out to be a robot, obviously he is calling Taylor a robot. There are also little hints along the way that point to some of Taylor’s past hits and the way she has dressed. Especially the scene where there are girls dancing in the barn as Calvin looks in… Guess he was jealous of her squad or the way the girls are dancing, maybe her “1989 World Tour” which she was on for most of their relationship. The music video is awesome in general because of the whole VR glitching thing.

Most people know I am on Taylor’s side here. I think for whatever reason, she fell out of love and moved on. Calvin doesn’t seem to been able to handle it. The music video is great, and you got her the ways he gets guys, by music. Now, Calvin you need to move on. You is hot. You is sexy. You make good music. Go get ’em tiger!

What are your thoughts on the “My Way” music and the it hints at Talvin.


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