We Were Young- 2016 Mashup by AnDyWuMUSICLAND

I am a true sucker for end of the year music mashups. I live for them this time of year. Usually I am excited and wait for DJ Earworm and Daniel Kim’s mashups, but this year AnDyWu’s came across my eardrums and I love it. Beyonce’s “Lemonade” is used for transitions between the main backbone songs.

It includes 90 of this years biggest hits. You will definitely hear your favourite song at some point in this mash. I like listening to them so much because its like a time machine. You are taken back to memories and places from over the course of the year. This year has been crazy for me, so it is funny to think about how and why I was where I was and I how I was feeling when hearing all of these songs.

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