Castle on the Hill- Ed Sheeran

I love the two single Ed Sheeran dropped on us a couple of weeks ago. “Shape of You” is great, but my heart has to choose “Castle on the Hill” as my favourite single that was released. I don’t know if its nostalgia for my youth, my teens and younger, or if it truly is the better of the two. I personally think it is a mix of both of those things.

“Castle on the Hill” reminds me more of the Ed Sheeran we all first met and fell in love with. It seems more personal and less “pop”. It tells a story and let’s us into Ed’s emotions. Who doesn’t love a song about the time someone spent as a younger kid. I think what hit is home for me, was when he tells what has happened to his friends since they “grew up” and became adult.

Which of the two Ed Sheeran songs that have just been released is your favourite? What are your thoughts on “Castle on the Hill”?

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