Dearly Beloved- Kiesza

It may be hard to believe it, but the last time we heard from Kiesza was almost three years ago. You may remember her from her hit song, “Hideaway” that dominated the airwaves from spring 2014 thru that summer. It gave us some serious 90’s throwback moments. If you don’t remember it, you might have literally been dead. Kiesza released more singles after that, but they each failed to reach the Top 40 and dominate like “Hideaway”.

Kiesza is very talented and has a beautiful voice, so I was excited to hear new music from her on Apple Music. When I first heard it, the voice sounded familiar, but it wasn’t an instant connection for me. I think “Dearly Beloved” is catchy and shows off that beautiful voice. It’s just a matter of rather or not the world will catch on to the infectious beat that is this awesome song.

Lyrically the song is about being so in love with someone that you will do anything for them. You love or want them so much, that you can’t imagine not being with them. That’s passion and dedication.

Definitely checkout the song below for a few reasons. First, you definitely will wanna hear the song. It’s great. Second, you get to see Kiesza smash playing the guitar, while dancing, looking like she is still stuck in the 90’s. Honestly, its a whole thing and you need to see it.

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