Issues- Julia Michaels

At 23 this “new comer” isn’t a new comer at all. Julia Michaels has worked and written music with and for many of today’s biggest pop stars. She is ready to shine on her own, and is planning to release an album later this year. Her first single is “Issues”.

When I first heard “Issues” I actually thought that Daya had released a new single. That didn’t make sense considering she just released her newest single “Words”. I really still do standy-by and think that Daya and Julia have a similar quality and sound of voice. “Issues” is also in a similar tempo that a few Daya songs are.

Lyrically, the song is about both people having issues, and though they can be destructive, they are meant to love each other. I think its about accepting each others differences, and loving each other no matter what. That’s what I take from this song, and I think it is something even I could learn and use.

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