Move Your Body- Sia

At this point one has to ask themselves if Sia will ever release a terrible song, and will she ever not release a hit song at that? All signs are currently point towards, no. Her newest offering is the single “Move your Body”, and it has the right beat to actually, in real life, make your own body get to moving. The song was originally written for Shakira, but like a lot of the songs that other artists have passed on, Sia recorded it, and it’s now moving up the chart. I can totally har the whole Shakira feel to it though.

The songs meaning seems to be all about being yourself no matter what. I think that is even more obvious in the music video, where the message is clear: don’t ever let people keep you from being yourself, no matter how hard they might try to do so.

Be sure to take a listen to “Move Your Body” below, and move your damn body.

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