Review: Heavy- Linkin Park feat. Kiiara

Linkin Park is back after releasing their last album all the way in 2014. It has been much longer since they were able to get a hit on the Top 40 charts. Hardcore fans of course have been there for the group as they play and experiment with their sound the past few albums. It is now 2017, and apparently they are teething at the chance to once again grace the pop charts they have been absent from for years. The first single “Heavy” off their new album due out in May One More Light, could take them there.  

Even as a casual listener to Linkin Park, I can tell you that “Heavy” is the most pop sounding song I think Linkin Park has ever created. It should since it was co-written by pop music writing expert Julia Michaels(you know the girl who sings “Issues”?). It also has the intoxicating pop voice of Kiiara featured.

I really enjoy listening to “Heavy”. I like the sound and the vocals are great. I also like the lyrics and what they are saying as well. It is about a person with a mind that thinks the worse about themselves, everyone around them, and the situations they are in. It is about how they are self-aware of this, but they don’t know how to shut their brain off. Really great!

All signs should point to Linkin Park’s return to the pop charts, except for a couple things. The sound instantly made me think of Twenty One Pilots. It also doesn’t help that before this release, Twenty One Pilots released their last single from their current album Blurryface, “Heavydirtysoul”. They both have the word HEAVY. I know Linkin Park didn’t know that they would be going up against a similar named song, but come on. It could hurt.

It will be interesting to see what happens with “Heavy” and with Linkin Park’s new album. I guess we can add it to the pile with Katy Perry, where you’re not sure how their new albums will go.

What do you think about Linkin Park’s “Heavy”? How do you think it will fare on the charts? Do you think it sounds like Twenty One Pilots? Let me know in the comments.

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