Post Malone Cursed by The Illuminati

Post Malone Cursed by The Illuminati

(September 17, 2018) There is no doubt that #PostMalone has been highly successful this past year. The past few weeks have been dangerous with a plane scare, robbery scare, and a car crash scare. Is Post Malone cursed? Maybe the #illuminati are coming after him for some reason? Maybe the universe is just seeking balance? I’d love to know what you think once you’ve watched this video.

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2 thoughts on “Post Malone Cursed by The Illuminati

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  2. […] I wanted to discuss Shane Dawson and his recently released “Conspiracy Theory Part I” video. It was released with mix reviews and I felt like there were two “conspiracy” topics that were just common marketing strategies. They seemed to be made scary to fit into the theme when they are commonly used to sell consumer products. The Hollister part was more about the CEO being racists and discriminative. The grocery store part was classic marketing. I felt like I needed to refute these as conspiracies in a world where everyone thinks everything is a conspiracy. What do you think of this video from Shane Dawson? If you enjoyed this article, you’ll love Post Malone Cursed by the Illuminati. […]

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