Shane Dawson Conspiracy Theory Lies

I wanted to discuss Shane Dawson and his recently released “Conspiracy Theory Part I” video. It was released with mix reviews and I felt like there were two “conspiracy” topics that were just common marketing strategies. They seemed to be made scary to fit into the theme when they are commonly used to sell consumer products. The Hollister part was more about the CEO being racists and discriminative. The grocery store part was classic marketing. I felt like I needed to refute these as conspiracies in a world where everyone thinks everything is a conspiracy. What do you think of this video from Shane Dawson? If you enjoyed this article, you’ll love Post Malone Cursed by the Illuminati.

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Shane Dawson

07 February 2019

One thought on “Shane Dawson Conspiracy Theory Lies

  1. […] The battle over this weekend at the movie box office and toys helped launch an awesome marketing campaign for the “Child’s Play” remake against “Toy Story 4”. It is unsettling, but it genius. If you enjoyed this video, you might like Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Theory Lies. […]

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