Tennessee Safari Park of Alamo, TN

Located in Alamo, TN is a little slice of the African Savannah. The Tennessee Safari Park is where wild animals roam free and you can brave the chances and feed them right from your car. This place offers and up close and personal look at many animals that you usually see from afar in the wild or at zoos. After your safari there is a little traditional zoo area and petting zoo that you can visit. This makes a great day trip for those in the Nashville area looking for something to do on spring break or to fight the summers doldrums.

*I will say all the animals looked healthy and you could see that the cars weren’t there only source of food. You could see full food bins throughout the drive. The traditional zoo area wasn’t much, but there was construction stuff laying around and I believe it looked like they were enhancing many of those exhibits.

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26 February 2019

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