Guncle Babysits Niece

I, the guncle, babysit my niece for the evening for the first time in a longtime. We paint, she named her Little People Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie, go to the park, eat at Wendy’s, go to Target, and she gets a bath. If you enjoyed this, you might like the pilot episode of my Pride series: Pride Yourself.

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Guncle Watches Niece

“The Pool Club 1”- Marc Torch

One thought on “Guncle Babysits Niece

  1. […] I am starting a series called “Pride Yourself” which will explore the LGBTQ community. This video is about Pride Month. I explain the history of Pride in the LGBTQ community; what it means in the word; how it has been handled here in the United States; what Pride personally means to me; why we need to be better to transgender people; and the bullshit call for a straight pride. Pride Month has come a long way, however it is more important that ever. If you enjoyed this video, you might like Guncle Babysits Niece. […]

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