Taylor Swift’s First Album |Reaction|

Leading up to the release of Taylor Swift’s new album “Lover” in August, I am reacting, reviewing, and commenting on all of Taylor’s past albums. This video will discuss Taylor Swift’s first album. Be sure to catch my favourite tracks and let me know what yours are as well. If you enjoyed this, you might like my video on Taylor Swift’s Fearless.

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This video uses images and video under the terms of Fair Use for making commentary. All sources are credited in the video and in the description.


Epidemic Sound-

“Poptastic 5- Jack Elphick
“Perfect Shadows” by Svenn Karlsson


Flickr/Brain Cantoni
Big Machine Records
Republic Records
Dwight McCann

Taylor Swift's First Album

Published: 18 July 2019

2 thoughts on “Taylor Swift’s First Album |Reaction|

  1. […] The first four songs from Taylor Swift’s Lover have been released. “Lover” was released yesterday and the day has come for us to enjoy it. I wanted to talk about the first four tracks that we got to hear before “Lover” was released. They are a mixed bag and I wasn’t sure what the album would end up sounding like. I will discuss the complete album a year from now. What is your favourite song so far? If you enjoyed this video, you’ll love Taylor Swift’s First Album. […]

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