Taylor Swift’s Lover First Four Singles

The first four songs from Taylor Swift’s Lover have been released. “Lover” was released yesterday and the day has come for us to enjoy it. I wanted to talk about the first four tracks that we got to hear before “Lover” was released. They are a mixed bag and I wasn’t sure what the album would end up sounding like. I will discuss the complete album a year from now. What is your favourite song so far? If you enjoyed this video, you’ll love Taylor Swift’s First Album.

Taylor Swift's Lover

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The Story

Taylor Swift’s “Lover” is still fresh and new on my mind. I always say I love to live with a Taylor album for a year before I give it a review. They live and breathe through you. What I can offer is a review of the first 2 singles and the 2 promotional singles off of the album.

I’d like to say that I think “Me!” wasn’t the best lead single for this album. I can’t review it, but I think “Cruel Summer” would have been the better lead single.

What are your thoughts on “Lover”?

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