Taylor Swift’s Red: A Review

Let’s reminisce and review Taylor Swift’s fourth and final “country” album “Red”. This album stretched what country pop could be and is highly regarded as a fan favourite album. Everyone knows “All Too Well”, so it won’t be discussed. The album does hold up and I can firmly place it as a second favourite album by Taylor Swift, which some people would think is crazy that it isn’t number one. Is Taylor Swift’s Red your favourite album of hers? If you enjoyed this, you will love Taylor Swift’s Speak Now.

Taylor Swift's Red

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The Story

Many swifties say this album is their all-time favorite of hers.Don’t mention the song “All Too Well” with those fans if you don’t want an entire thesis on it. The passion among us fans knows no bounds. The song is good, but it isn’t my favorite.

This album is one that I really enjoy. Taylor started to plan her entrance to pop with “Red”. The album was a mix of some country and pop sounds, which gave us my favorite song “I Knew You Were Trouble”. It was the song that made me realize she could do well in pop if she wanted.

This album will forever remind me of autumn, but is good to be played anytime of the year as well. Taylor may not have another album like this, but fans sure would welcome it.

If you enjoyed this video, you will enjoy this one.

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