Ryman Auditorium: The Heart of Nashville

The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville is known as the Mother Church. It earned that name as it became a place for country music performances. The building located off Lower Broadway had a big history before country music called it home. However, after country music utilized it, the former home of the Grand Ole Opry fell into neglect. It was almost demolished. Today it stands as a symbol heart of Nashville’s tourist and city growth.

ryman auditorium

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The Story

You may have heard Ryman Auditorium called the Mother Church of country music. When you learn about the history of this storied building, you come to find understand why it has earned that names.

The Ryman has played an important part to the history of both the city of Nashville and the country music industry. It has been there from the very start of the cities beginning and through all of the ups and downs.

The Ryman seems to have played a part in country music making its home in Nashville. It also became the original home of The Grand Ole Opry. I have to wonder if it hadn’t been built, if Nashville wouldn’t have become Music City.

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