Songs to Stream: Jake 5- January 27

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Songs to Stream: January 27, 2019

#5- You should be sad- Halsey

Halsey channels her favourite women of country in this mixed-but country leaning genre of a song. The song is about the person who messed up the relationship being the one who should be sad, not the person who got hurt.

#4- Falling- Trevor Daniel

A song about having a terrible relationship that you never thought you would try to date again. You meet someone though and you find yourself falling again even though you never was gonna try again.


#3- Simmer- Hayley Williams

My first thought listening to this songs style, sound, production, and even Hayley’s voice was Alanis Morissette. It is a really good sound and I approve of this move for Hayley’s solo career.

As she breaks into a solo career she needed a single and sound that sounded differently from Paramore. I really like the darkness of the music sounds.

#2- Blinding Lights- The Weeknd

Max Martin produced. Enough said.

Honestly when this single was put out in November along side another, I felt this was the better of the two. The production alone is so sweet and delicious you’ll want it on repeat.

The song is apparently about losing love. I thought the lyrics pointed towards not having love in your life for awhile and meeting someone you think you could love.

I don’t think the music video goes along with either of the meanings you take from the song.

#1- Nobody But You- Blake Shelton feat. Gwen Stefani

I should start out by saying that Blake and Gwen are one of my favourite celebrity couples. He’s country, she’s not, and it works. You can tell they are truly in love with each other which will warm anyone’s freezer burned heart.

It won’t be shocking to see “Nobody But You” give Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” a run for dominance at weddings. Just listening to the song is enough to make you be all in your feels. It is a perfect song to fall in love with as we bid January an au revior and and say bonjour to the month of l’amore, February.

What is your favorite out of these 5 songs to stream and what are you currently listening to yourself? Check out next week’s Songs to Stream here.


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