Songs to Stream: Jake 5- 17 February 2020

Songs to Stream: 17 February 2020

#5- To Die For- Sam Smith

Sam Smith finally released a lead single for his upcoming album To Die For that is due to be released May 1. The song is a haunting ballad about looking for someone to love you and them love you. A love that you would die for.

The music is and lyrics are very catchy. The music video is low key, but it is really cool as well.

#4- Hard To Forget- Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt released this really cool song a couple of weeks ago. It takes an old school, like 1950’s, country song and mixes it with his own. I think it sounds really cool and definitely sets itself apart from other country music songs out there at the moment.

#3- More Hearts Than Mine- Ingrid Andress

This song came out in the spring of 2019, but it seems to just now be gaining steam on streaming. The song is about taking someone you’re dating to meet your family for the the first time. It is really catchy and a lot fo people can probably relate.

#2- Not Time To Die- Billie Eilish

I was very interested to listen to the member of the James Bond theme song family considering it was Billie Eilish. The song starts with the Billie Eilish we know and then it builds into a “belting” Eilish that we have yet to hear.

The song sounds pretty similar to Adele’s “Skyfall” which isn’t a bad thing. I feel like for a Bond theme, maybe staying with what works is best.

#1- Golf On TV- Lennon Stella feat. JP Saxe

I literally love anything Lennon does. I think she has a very unique voice and her music videos are always creative and different. Even the title of this song peaks your interests.

The song is about meeting someone and them being good for you. It is about being a in a good relationship after going through bad ones. It also talks about not dwelling on those past relationships and focusing on this new one.

That is this weeks Songs to Stream. Which one was your fave? What songs would you have added? Checkout last weeks picks here.

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