Songs to Stream: Jake 5- 10 February 2020

Songs to Stream: 10 February 2020

#5- No Shame- 5 Seconds of Summer

While their new single “No Shame” isn’t as fun or driving production wise as “Teeth”, it is still another catchy song. It seems to have this 2000’s vibe and sound that we’ve heard in some on the Jonas Brother’s newest album.

#4- I’ll Be There- Walk off the Earth

A song I’ve heard for awhile, but it is one worth sharing. The music video was shot in an awesome way and the message behind it is sad, yet encouraging.

#3- Side Effects- Carlie Hanson

The classic tale of meeting someone when you weren’t looking for something and then you start falling for them and want it to be more. You know, the good kind of butterflies kick in and do you in.

#2- Underdog- Alicia Keys

I instantly Shazamed this song when I heard Alicia perform it on The Grammys with Brittany Howard of The Alabama Shakes. I just really enjoyed the sound, her voice, and the meaning.

#1- Sometimes- H.E.R.

Such a beautiful voice and great music to surround it. The song is about how you might plan things, but life doesn’t go according to your plans. It also discusses how they affect you and how they can be bad, but they can also be good.

That is this week’s Songs to Stream. Which one was your fave? What songs are you currently streaming that you think others should be checking out? Check out last weeks picks here.


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