JakeLX: This Is The Authentic Me

#JakeChat Cancelled

Over the past 5 years (2015-2019) on my JakeLX channel I released 491 videos under the #JakeChat series banner. It is hard to believe that there were that many video. The videos types were pop culture, news videos, and sketches.

While it was fun and educational when it comes to learning more on editing video and creating content, it felt like it was time for change. A change that should make way for better content.

#JakeChat 2015 #JakeChat 2016 #JakeChat 2017

#JakeChat 2018 #JakeChat 2019

JakeLX Is Born

Beginning last year I played with doing documentary style videos. I started making video about me trying new things or learning about stuff I was curious about.

I know I’m not the only one interested in these topics, which allows for a variety of videos where anyone can find something they are interested in watching.

JakeLX the series makes a lot of sense because the channel is about me and named after me. This style of video fits better under something more authentic like my name, or username.

This Is Me

You can subscribe to the channel here.

You can also view the first JakeLX video Dua Lipa Physical workout.

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