Getting Packages During Quarantine: A How To Guide

Today I show you how you should go about getting packages during quarantine and accept packages. You must not touch the cardboard before you disinfect the package. You must also use tongs to handle the product to clean it with warm water and soap.

Getting Packages During Quarantine

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The Story

What can make grocery store shopping an even more annoying chore that we have to do? How about a contagious virus called COVID-19 that causes a pandemic. The mass fear makes people shop and hard items, so you have to try and order stuff online.

Getting packages during quarantine isn’t as easy as getting them when there is a pandemic. We were told to wash our groceries after getting them, so why wouldn’t we have to wash our deliveries. You wouldn’t want to touch the cardboard much either, so you need to spray it with disinfectant. Then hopefully you have some tongs.

Once you get the products out you are going to want to take those tongs and get them up to your sink. This is where you’ll take a washcloth with soap on it and clean the product. Don’t forget to have another washcloth on hand to rinse and another to dry.

Now you’re ready to enjoy your delivery.

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