JK Rowling Conspiracy: Harry Potter Theory

Today we look into the conspiracy that J.K. Rowling, the author and creator of the Harry Potter book series, isn’t real. Who is she then? Who is the the real author? Why would anyone think this? All the magical answers are in the video. Who is ready for this JK Rowling Conspiracy?

JK Rowling Comspiracy
The Story

Sometimes conspiracy theories are dark and scary, but sometimes they are fun and playful. This JK Rowling conspiracy comes from the world of Harry Potter that everyone loves.

The theory comes from the fact the belief that some people have that JK Rowling is not the actual author of the Harry Potter series. She is just the face of ghostwriters that took on the massive book series. They claim not one author could take on a project the scope of the Harry Potter books.

If this conspiracy is true, it means that as the face of the series, JK Rowling would be receiving payment to be quiet all of these years. While I’m not sure this is true, many popular children’s book series have used this system to publish books under. Everyone has heard of Nancy Drew, The Boxcar Children, and Animorphs. All varying degrees if popularity, all published under one author but written by ghostwriters.

What do you think? Are you sure JK Rowling is the author of Harry Potter or do you think she is the face and the series was written by ghostwriters?

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