Self Isolation: Connecting with Nature Together

Self isolation is what you make it. This spring during the coronavirus pandemic, my boyfriend and I have been self isolating away from others. We have been connecting with nature together. We have seen the trees go from naked to blooms, to leaves. This is some footage from our trips to go fishing.

Self Isolation Drives

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The Story

I think the world stopping really was nice. Now, I wish it could have stopped without COVID-19 wreaking havoc across the globe and killing many. To get a pause like this is just something that doesn’t happen often, if ever. Self isolation is what you make it.

My boyfriend and I took advantage of the oddly beautiful spring we had. It was quite the contrast to what was going on in the world. It was nice and rather sunny for most of the spring.

We got to explore the natural areas around where we live that neither one of us had seen before. Despite my love for technology and being connected all the time, I liked getting out to where it was quiet. No cell service means no checking your social media of people complaining about the virus, quarantining, or wearing masks.

I also learned more about fish and fishing than I ever knew. My boyfriend was the fisherman, not myself. I really got into nature photography and have gotten rather good at it. I guess looking back I perfected a skill during quarantine and didn’t even realize it.

What was your self isolation like? Did you enjoy it?

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