Cancel Culture: A Look At If It Is Good or Bad?

Cancel Culture has been around with us since before the days of social media, ask the Dixie Chicks. However, it seems over the last few years people are asking whether or not Cancel Culture is good or bad? The year of 2020 seems to be the peak of this culture and I examine whether it is good or bad and what needs to change.

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The Story

Cancel Culture has been around for a longtime, however with social media it has grown more powerful. It seemed to gain steam during the Me Too Movement. As brave women and men started to tell their stories of sexual assault. This led to the cancellation of a lot of powerful people in Hollywood and in other industries across the world.

In 2020, many people have issues with aspects of this culture. It can definitely be a toxic thing. Sometimes people have said, tweeted or filmed themselves doing things that don’t represent who they are now. We all have done similar thing. Many of us have grown and educated ourselves and are no longer those people. These people are the ones that I see negatively impacted by this.

There are many that haven’t changed or ever care to change. If they do apologize, it is just a PR move. It seems a lot of them are trying to attach themselves to the people who are wanting to save the people I talked about in the above paragraph. The people from this group however, aren’t the ones that we should be championing to not be cancelled. They’ve had chances and yet, they continue to hurt people and show no remorse.

What are your thoughts?

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